Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tim Burke and Joe Deters sitting in a tree...

OPEN LETTER TO TIM “The Turkey” BURKE (Hamilton County Dem Chair) November 11, 2008 Mr. Tim Burke, Chair C/O Hamilton County Dems 6109 Webbland Place. Cincinnati, Ohio 45213 Dear Mr. Burke: On behalf of Citizens Against Joe Deters we bring you both bad and good news. The bad news is that we have created our 1st annual Tim the Turkey award. Tim the Turkey award was created in your honor to express citizen’s dissatisfaction with your back room deals in which you made an agreement not to run anyone against Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters, Simon Leis, Todd Portune, and 10 of the 12 common pleas judges running for election. Had you not brokered a backroom deal and ran an opponent against Joe Deters and others in this election cycle-- Joe Deters the Pay-to-Play Politician, Pay-For-Sex-Politician (allegedly) , would be standing in the unemployment line as is the case with the other 532 Hamilton County employees. Not only would Joe-the-Prosecutor be unemployed, he would not have been able to engage in voter suppression and intimidation, double standard sentences, and he would think twice before making reckless comments about certain communities. The good news is that should you decide to accept our Tim the Turkey award, we will make a 50.00 donation in your name to the charity of your choice. We realize that $50.00 is a small amount in comparison to such a monumental back room deal screw-up and therefore we invite you and other members of your party, to make a matching donation towards a charity of your choice. Please contact citizensagainstjoedeters@fuse.net within 7 days of receipt of this letter so that we can arrange a time and a place for you to accept the award and a check to be made out to your charity. Please be advised that if we do not hear from you in 7 days we will give your award to a runner-up. Runner ups include Simon Leis, Todd Portune, Joe-the-Prosecutor, Joe-the-Plumber, Sarah-the-Hockey Mom, Regina-the-Reporter, Bill C-Cincinnati’s best loved Republican clown, Peter-the-washed up columnist, Enquirer newspaper (group award going to Kimball Perry, Jane Prendergast, and Sharon-the-mom Coolidge). We thank you in advance for your anticipated acceptance of this award. Sincerely, Citizens Against Joe Deters Donations to our grass roots organization Citizens Against Joe Deters can be made in that name to any National City Bank Acct# 985170945 *future awards will be given individual/s, companies, organizations, or political hacks that work to destroy democracy and who does anything to benefit Joe-the-Prosecutor. Charity check will not be issued to charities affiliated with political parties.*